Meet CEO Richard Hue

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Meet CEO Richard Hue

YoungTrepreneur Class Special 

Meet GripeVine Inc. CEO Richard Hue

 President| CEO of GripeVine Inc.


  I am a serial entrepreneur who is always looking for the next opportunity but when I find it, I tend to focus on what's at hand to ensure its success. I bring many years of experience in start up and overall business management. – Richard Hue

Meet & Greet Session

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2:00 – 3:30

 Invited: students grade 6+ & parents


Listen as Richard Hue enlightens you with what it takes to be a true Entrepreneur. Mr. Hue will share his numerous entrepreneurship experiences and shed light on his roles as CEO at GripeVine Inc., a NASDAQ tech company.



       ONLY 20 spots available. RSVP to start your journey of entrepreneurship!


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